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  • Specification

Optical system
Source: R/G/B/A/M,5-in-1 LED Engine,180W
Fixture CT: 2700K-5600K linear
CRI: ≥92
Fixture Output: 6,200lm
Optical angle: 26°(5°/10°/14°/19°/36°/50°optional)

Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming

Protection rating

Upgrade with DMX
5 Control channel modes: 5/6/8/13/19 CH

RDM compatible
Electric parameter
AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Power: 200W

Dimension and weight
Product dimension: 20.2x26.8x61.7cm (Fixture)
Packing dimension (carton): 57.5x39.5x35.5cm (Fixture)
Net weight: 7.2kgs (Fixture)
Gross weight (carton): 9.5kgs (Fixture)

Errors and omissions are possible.  All specifications are subject for change without prior notice.

  • Dimensions
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  • Related materials and tools to download
  • DMX Chart
    T180C PDF 0.17MB
  • Library
    T180C(Compulite Vector series) RAR 0.15MB
    T180C 26Deg(grandMA3 GDTF) RAR 0.57MB
    T180C(grandMA1) RAR 0.01MB
    T180C(grandMA2) RAR 0.01MB
    T180C(Avolites D4) RAR 0.02MB
    T180C(Avolites R20) RAR 0.01MB
  • CAD Drawing
    T180C_Dimensional Drawings.dwg 2D file DWG 2.16MB
    T180C 10Deg_CAD Symbol 3D.dwg 3D file DWG 1.06MB
    T180C 5Deg_CAD Symbol 3D.dwg 3D file DWG 1.05MB
    T180C 19Deg_CAD Symbol 3D.dwg 3D file DWG 1.65MB
    T180C 26Deg_CAD Symbol 3D.DWG 3D FILE DWG 0.82MB
    T180C 36Deg_CAD Symbol 3D.dwg 3D file DWG 1.63MB
    T180C 50Deg_CAD Symbol 3D.dwg 3D file DWG 1.1MB
    T180C 14Deg_CAD Symbol 3D.dwg 3D file DWG 1.06MB
    T180C 70Deg_CAD Symbol 3D.dwg 3D file DWG 1.09MB
    T180C 90Deg_CAD Symbol 3D.dwg 3D file DWG 1.48MB

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