+86 20-39966388

China headquarters

TEL: +86-20-39966388(Switchboard) +86-20-39966399(Business)

FAX: +86-20-39966398(Switchboard) +86-20-39966389(Business)

EMAIL: sales@terbly.com; info@terbly.com

After-sales service dedicated: +86-20-138 2613 1189 (TEL) 2355 658742(QQ) QA@terbly.com(EMAIL)

Headquarters address:No.109,Hai Yong Road,Shi Qi Town,Pan Yu Zone,Guangzhou City,China.

1,can take a ride to Central Hospital - Lotus Hill bus Panyu passenger station, or car ride to the city bridge bus station and then take the city bus station bridge Lotus Hill bus and get off at the junction station has too large, across the street, right into the 100 meters to the intersection.

2, also can take the subway to line 4 stone base station, at the bus stop by stone base subway station - City Bridge car in

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