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Sing! China Rocked Bird’s Nest with Golden Sea’s Light

Release date:2019-10-21

On October 7, 2019, the final of the 8th season of Sing! China was held in the National Stadium (Bird's Nest).  With the past 7 seasons' success, 8th season managed to bring something new to better present the show.  In terms of lighting design, Sing! China, for the first time, worked with local lighting designer Mr Dong Jiang and his team in China.  One of the highlights is the innovative use of lighting, which is to form a lighting wall with video input, thus the light as a whole becomes an integral part of visual effect on the stage. The lightings used on the show include Golden Sea’s G25 HYBRID, V3000P, G9B and GLW190Z.





(Photo source:Sing!ChinaZhejiang Satellite TV

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