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Golden Sea Beams Up Cirque du Soleil ‘s First Resident Show X the Land of Fantasy in Asia

Release date:2019-09-11

From Aug 2019, Hangzhou, China, became the first city in Asia to perform resident show of Cirque du Soleil, which is a Canadian entertainment company and the largest theatrical producer around the world, displaying the wonderful scene and story of the show X the Land of Fantasy with the dazzling sound and light effects and exquisite props.  Just as its tagline "Striking at every moment," an unprecedented 360° immersive fantasy experience was brought to everyone from the beginning of the show.

Golden Sea has provided strong lighting support to the show with the following products:
LED PROFILE GL-6---288 units
HID G21 HYBRID---115 units
HID WASH PT330W---103 units
LED PROFILE GL2P---23 units
LED PROFILE T180C 36 ° lens---12 units
LED PROFILE T180C 50° lens---14 units
LED PROFILE T180C 19 ° lens---8 units

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