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Lamp: Philips Platinum 35
CT: 6000K or 7400K optional, Life: 750H

Pan movement: 540°/630°optional (16 bit )
Tilt movement: 265°(16 bit )
Advanced moving system: fast, stable and quiet, auto X-Y repositioning

CMY color mixing and speed adjustable
CTO color temperature linear change from 2700K-6500K
1 Color wheel: 8 dichroic filters +open, rainbow effect

1 Rotating gobo wheel: 6 interchangeable, rotating, indexable, gobos+open
1 Static gobo wheel: 7 indexable gobos+open

3 Control channel modes:  23/21/35 channels
Rotating prism: 8 facets and prism macros
Focus: motorized focus
Shutter: Variable from 1-13 flashes or random strobe
Dimming: 0-100% full range dimming
Frost: 0-100%
Beam angle: 4°

Friendly touch full color LCD display,with rechangeable battery
locked automatically after 15 seconds from the last button press to 
prevent incorrect operation, long press menu button for 3 seconds to activate keys again
Humanized reset detection set: long press menu and enter button to lock pan/tilt reset, can support fixtures do the reset detection in flight case

7 pre-built programs can be selected
Software upgrade: through DMX cable conveniently, quickly upgrade software
Remote DMX addressing, lamp of/off, reset, sound control switch by controller
Display the fixture and lamp running time so customers can get to know the situation about lamp usage

Signal isolation protection function: guarantee signal transmission is very stable and without interference 
High temperature automatic protection function: lamp off automatically as fixture achieve high temperature until it cool down to gurantee fixture safe usage.
Optional built in wireless receiver
Advanced RDM function

AC100-240V, 50/60HZ

Packing dimension: 60 x 56 x 82cm
Net Weight: 42kgs
Gross Weight: 76.5kgs(flightcase)

Errors and omissions are possible.  All specifications are subject for change without prior notice.

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