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  • Specification
Optical system
Source and life span:
(6000h optional)
1.Philips MSD Platinum Flex 300, 380W
2.Osram Sirius HRI 380W S PRO
(4000h optional)
Philips MSD Silver 380W LL"
Fixture CT: 8000K  
Fixture output: 14,000lm

Pan: 540°/630°optional(16 bit)
Tilt: 270°(16 bit)
Auto X/Y repositioning

Color system
CMY color mixing
1 Color wheel: 14 dichroic filters + open

Gobo system
1 Static gobo wheel: 15 gobos + open

Motorized focus
Zoom: 2°(Beam angle)
2 Rotating prisms: 4 linear + 16 facet,dynamic prism morph
Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
Shutter: mechanical with various speed

Protection rating

Battery operated for fast addressing,15 seconds standby auto lock
Pan/tilt disengage (hold Left arrow and Right arrow buttons)

Upgrade with DMX
Remote reset DMX address and fixture by DMX
Run time of fixture and light source 
3 Control channel modes: 19/17/27CH

Input signal isolation
Auto thermal protection circuit
RDM compatible

Electric parameter
AC200-240V, 50/60Hz
Power: 500W

Dimension and weight
Product dimension: 38.9x32.6x64.2cm
Packing dimension (carton): 77.5x52.0x42.5cm 
Net weight: 21.0kgs
Gross weight (carton): 32.2kgs

  • Dimensions
  • Photometrics
  • Colours/ Gobos
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  • CAD Drawing
    S380B_Dimensional Drawings.dwg 2D file DWG 1.83MB
    S380B_CAD Symbol 3D.dwg 3D file DWG 0.68MB

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