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ALVT-G indoor Graze series is a high power, white LED, indoor linear fixture.
Available in 1' and 4' sections, it offers smooth linear dimming with ELV modules
and 100-1% with most TRIAC dimmers. Featuring class-leading output, robust housing,
and LSF filter options, it is the perfect option for any structure that calls for indoor linear grazing.

Color Temperature: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K
Beam Angle: 10°,40°,10°x 60°,30°x 60°
Max Fixture Runs: 40’@120VAC/80'@240VAC+
Power Consumption: 20W(1') / 80W(4')
Total Lumens: 
10°1'1052@2700K   1283@3500K   1379@4000K
4'4208@2700K  5132@3500K    5516@4000K
10°x60° 1'948@2700K  1039@3500K   1173@4000K
4'3792@2700K  4156@3500K    4692@4000K
Efficacy (lm/W): 
10°52.6@2700K /3000K, 64.1@3500K, 69.8@4000K 
10°x 60°47.4@2700K /3000K, 52@3500K, 58.6@4000K          
CRI: >80
Finish: Anodized Brushed Aluminum (Black or White - Special Order Only)
Housing: Aluminum; Clear Polycarbonate Lens
Operating Temperature: -20°C to 45°C
Operating Voltage: 95-135V / 200-300V
Dimming: TRIAC + ELV
Fixture Connectors:Integral, 3 Pin Male & Female Connector
Rating: IP40,Dry Location
Weight: 1'0.8kg/4'  3.2kg
Dimensions: 52mmx79mm x305mm/1229mm

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