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Golden Sea "Flying Lights" Light Up the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition

Release date:2019-05-22

On April 28, 2019, the opening ceremony show of the Beijing World Horticultural Exposition in China was staged in the beautiful scenery of the lakes and mountains in Yanqing of Beijing, China, which is one of the highest-level and largest international fairs held in China.  

The general director Sha Xiaolan presented a world-class performance to all the guests present and viewers at home and abroad. With the use of multiple stereoscopic light and shadow technology, the performance presented the surreal and fascinating feast of the landscape of Lintian Lake.  As the leading international professional lighting equipment supplier, Golden Sea, has provided 72 remote control "flying lights"--- TERBLY G25HYBRID for the show.  Accompanied the song and dance by the actor, the G25HYBRID hanging on the wire flew into the sky, perfectly making up for the lack of light at the top and adding a lot of agility to the lighting.

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