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Final of the Yilong King Challenge, a BIG Fight in the Strong Light Projected by Golden Sea Lighting

Release date:2018-11-20

On November 4th, 2017, the heated final of Yilong Challenge hosted by the company Yunding Xing Zhan was going on in the indoor stadium of Kunming Sport Centre.  The match was co-organized by Yunding Xing Zhan and Henan Satellite TV, with special patronage from Laos Golden Triangle Economic Special Zone.

120 units of Golden Sea stage lighting fixtures were provided to the final including the models of G9B, PT320B and BEAM330.  Sharp beam, strong penetration made the ring as the focus of the stadium, creating a magnificent atmosphere for the fight.

At the beginning of the final, both players were very careful with several tentative attacks and defenses.  Soon after, Yilong grabbed an opportunity to kick the front of Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong.  When Sitthichai staggered back, Yilong dashed up to push straight forward a strong fist.  Unexpectedly Sitthichai already prepared for it and confronted the attack with a hit by his high foot resulting in Yilong falling down to the ground.  Yilong got up swiftly, keeping the fight move on, which became the turning point of the whole final.

In the end, Sitthichai proved his prediction that with his strength he could knock out martial arts expert Yilong in two rounds!  One more full victory was remembered into his legendary career.  While Yilong, looked kind of having no choice but released, leaving his supporters in utter disappointment.  As the phenomenal figure in China’s boxing circle, Yilong had been put among too much controversy with tremendous pressure.  The result seems unexpected, however irresistibly sensible.  The boxing fans couldn’t help discussing about the result afterwards.

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