Terbly at the International Theatre Expo in Tokyo

Release date:2017-08-29

Dec. 6th-8th 2016, saw Terbly and its distributor,Butai Showmei exhibiting at the International Theatre Expo in Tokyo. Terbly was the only Chinese brand at the show, which attracted numerous professionals and lighting designers to visit and discuss Terbly’s unique, high quality and innovative fixtures.Terbly and butai Showmei presented a wide range of products:G14B IP, LPAR7QZ, GLW1925, GLW7QZ, T90-WW, G9 HYBRID, ELV-G4-RGBW.

The undoubted star of the entire show was the G14B IP, an IP 65 high powered beam light, another first for Terbly!

The G14B IP, developed by Terbly, is the first intelligent moving headto use discharge platinum 14R lamp along with an IP rating of IP65. Advanced engineering has ensured the G14B IP has overcome ingress protection challenges, resulting from thermal dissipation limitation caused by gas-discharge light sources. This allows the G14B IP to be rated as IP65, allowing for use over time in harsh outdoor environments, ensuring dust, water and humidity protection.

With these unique advantages the G14B IP won an LDI “The Debuting Products of Lighting” award at the 2016 event. The LDI Committee wrote of the G14B IP:“it has been recognized for the attention and advancement of waterproof intelligent moving heads.”

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