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Spectacular Dream-Bird's Nest 2018 Light and Sound Show

Release date:2018-08-13

Dream-Bird’s Nest 2018 Light and Sound Show

Golden Sea provided 100 units of G9B

Colorful and dynamic light illuminated the sky above the stadium

Familiar and beautiful melody by the ear

In the spectacular illumination,

Each seat and steel structure,

Were covered with infinite charm with music.

On July 15th night, the new Dream-Bird’s Nest show, produced by The National Stadium, was unveiled in the Bird’s Nest stadium.


With light, laser and projection as the main forms of show and fusion of classic and modern music, the Dream-Bird Nest’s show brings unique visual and audio shock to summer tourists.  As the additional destination to the tourist package, the show embodies its characteristic of welfare, tourists can enjoy it with night ticket.  The show lasts for 30 minutes, four shows per night, the show will end by the end of October.


The producing team showed up


On the morning of July 15th, the show was held in the Bird’s Nest stadium in a grand way.  The producing team and the representatives of the Chinese Academy of Stage Art, young designers, performing units and media gathered together to witness the opening ceremony of the show.  Entertainment Technology Media was also invited to attend it. 

The show was co-planned by the famous director Lu Jiankang, who was the producing director of closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics; Cao Lin, who is  president of Chinese Academy of Stage Art; Zhou Xiangyu, the vice general manager of Beijing Bird’s Nest Cultural Co., Ltd., and Hu Yaohui, the chief visual director.   The experts and producers from lighting and sound industries made up the producing team.  The show consists of four chapters: wing of light, illusion of light, song of light and dream of light, showing respectively “Reborn”, “Ancient Civilization”, “Modern Achievement”, “Time Travelling”, “Olympics Dream”, “Chinese Dream” and “Olympics”. 

In product launch, Zhou Xiangyu; Lu Jiankang (Delivered speech in video); Dean of Air force political department; Chao Jing ting, who is vice president of Beijing Deiao Dalu Stage Art Design & Production Co., Ltd.; Cao Lin, Hu Yaohui and other representatives delivered speeches and took part in the opening ceremony. 

On the launch site, appointment letter was given to creative director, design planner, execution producer and execution team.

According to Hu Yaohui, all the lighting equipments used in the show are all from China companies, which include Golden Sea. 

In memory of 10th anniversary of Beijing Olympics 

This year is the tenth anniversary of Beijing Olympics in 2008, since when Beijing has seen great change.  The producing team hopes the show to exhibit the charm of science and technology, culture and PE development as well as celebrating the 10th anniversary of Beijing Olympics and 40th years of opening up and reform policy. 


This show is also a platform for domestic lighting designer and equipment to exchange and for students to study.  After 3 months preparation, the show use 1500 fixtures including laser light and 4 big projectors.  The whole Bird’s nest is sparkled with the change of melody when night comes. 

In lighting, Bird’s nest showcases the beauty of phoenix spreading wings, the speedy development of modern China, the praise of strength and beauty by Olympics, and the prosperity of China dream.  The change of color enables audience to get immersed in different scenes, the picture on the curtain shows the transition between different chapters. 

In Sound effect, there is the only one 13.1 channel surrounding system in Bird’s nest.  Through the sound field system, it realizes the sound positioning and the mobile effect of sound, enabling audience at any place of the stadium can enjoy the sound without any influence. 


The show is on from July 15th to the end of October.  As the only mega sound and light show, it begins at 7:30pm, 4 times per day (Pause during the time of big sport games and cultural performance).  As a plus, visitors can buy tickets through waterbird ticketing booth and wechat.

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