Terbly supportsThe New Voice Of China Finals at the Bird's Nest

Release date:2017-08-28

Zhejiang TV’s “The New Voice Of China” first seasons finals were held in China’s national stadium “Bird's Nest” in Beijing.The four teams were competing to be crowned Champion with Jiangguohao from Wangfeng's team winning the grand competition, following several rounds of singing.

From “The Voice Of China” to “The New Voice Of China ”,the hottest music talent show finals have been held in “Bird's Nest” for three years running. Lighting design for this year’s finals was led by Miles Simon, who has also worked on some of the most prestigious live TV events in the world, including the Oscars, the Grammy’s and the Super Bowl. The design teamchose an number of Terbly fixtures to realise their artistic creations- 3 in 1moving head, beam light PT320B, Led washes GLW190Z, GLW370Z, OK190Z, high CRI and framing V3000P and waterproof led par OVAL60D were instrumental in bringing the show to life, in the iconicBird's Nest.

Terbly has been a part of the Voice series for a number of seasons now, both in the live finals and during the audition and earlier competition phases.

The finals of “NEW VOICE ” had 3 round ,The first round,Tutor sang a song with each student .The second round, six student sang a song alone. Compare with last year, the finalist from 5 persons to 6 persons. They are Xugeyang and Jiangguohao from wangfeng's team, Wangchenlei and Lipeiling from Naying's team, Yangmeina from Yuchenqing's team and Xiangyang from Zhoujielun's team. Finally, Jiangguohao from Wangfeng's team won the champion.

The finals  have been held in birds nest from the third season of ‘’Voice of China’’ in 2014. Now the ‘’The voice of China’’ become to ‘’The New Voice of China ’’.But the place of finals have not changed. And Terbly lighting also supported  this  most hot music talent show for several seasons.

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