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Golden Sea’s Flying Light System Shined in Light and Firework Show for Shanghai Cooperation Qingdao Summit

Release date:2018-07-05

From June 9 to 10, Shanghai Cooperation Qingdao Summit (Eighteenth Meeting of Heads of State Council of Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization) was held in Qingdao, Shandong.  The summit will be the first of its kind after a membership expansion last year, and it is also the second grand diplomatic activity in China as a host.  President Xi Jingping took part in the Summit with the members of the summit, leaders of observer states and other representatives of the related international organization.

To welcome the guests from home and abroad, the summit presented an artistic lighting show named A Warm Welcome to Friends from Afar in Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center on the evening of June 9, 2018.  As an international leading lighting equipment provider, Golden Sea provided main lighting and service including 129 units of innovative flying lights, LED washer OK190Z-RII and profile V3000P among others.  With outstanding lighting technology, Golden Sea provided strong support to hi-definition television relay in a stable and effective way, embodying the perfect fusion of technology and culture.

The most popular light and firework Show A Warm Welcome to Friends from Afar, produced by Beijing FengShangShiJi Culture Media Co., Ltd., is directed by Zhang Yimou as chief director with Sha Xiaolan as chief producer.  Both has been partners for multiple times in works such as "Impression of West Lake" show at the evening gala for the G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou, “Beijing 8 Minutes”during the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.  Different from traditional show, the light show integrated China’s traditional culture with modern technology, with sky being curtain, sea being stage, city being scene.  By utilizing the multi-media spherical video, Annulus projection and the view of urban scenery building on coastline, the urban night scene of Qingdao was shown in the stage performance creatively.  The show had been prepared for half an year, trying to show Qingdao features in Shandong style while possessing Chinese quintessence at world class level.

In the lighting show, Golden Sea’s fly light system is the highlight, the uniqueness of which is that it breaks the limitation of only light moving when fixture is in fixing point.  It unleashes the fixture and enables it to move, realizing the transmission from light’s motion to moving light.   The fly light system’s research and development began as early as before the G20 Summit show in Sep 2016.  The chief producer of the show brought up the idea of dancers suspended by wire flying to the West Lake from other lake nearby.  He had co-studied and done many experiments with Golden Sea.  However, due to the geographical limit of West Lake, the idea was not put into shape, yet, it has been kept until the CCTV spring festival gala, the fly light system debuted itself in Guilin sub-venue. 

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