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GOLDEN SEA Won 2018 Alight Award Top Ten Products Award

Release date:2018-07-04

2018 Alight Award Ceremony held by Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt Co., Ltd. was hosted in Langham Place, Guangzhou on June 9th, 2018.  With more than 500 experts, enterprise representatives and media present, Nai Shenghong, Golden Sea’s China sales director, received the award of Top Ten Products on behalf of the Golden Sea. 


Alight award was founded to encourage innovation and set up industry benchmark to the purpose to upgrade international impact of Chinese products.  To ensure the profession of the award, the award panel judges went to each company to have a thorough review.  They went to review five projects submitted by Golden Sea on April 8th.  Afterwards, 121 judges voted with one person having 30 votes, who includes 72 judges voting for product category, 40 for technology, 64 for engineering, and 66 for design.  After fierce competition, Golden Sea’s IP65 3-in-1 moving head-G20 Hybrid IP (hereafter G20H IP) won the Top Ten Products. 


IP65 rated 3-in-1 G20 Hybrid IP is a multifunctional high output moving head that reaches IP65 waterproof and dust free level as industry benchmark with Philips Platinum 21R, 2°- 25° in beam mode, unbelievable 16 times 2°- 32° in spot mode, as wide as 3°- 40° in wash mode.  Wide zooming in three modes enables the fixture to be applied in long throw when perform well in small arena.  Moreover, linear CMY and CTO limitless color mixing system, double gobo wheel, animation wheel, color wheel, extreme frost effect, high speed strobe, two overlappable prism with zooming, all of which wholly unleash the innovation. 


Winning the Top Ten Products, Golden Sea well shows its R&D strength.  By sticking to the independent research and development road and thinking highly of branding, this award is the recognition of efforts of years and the motivation to further develop in industry.  Golden Sea will not forget why it started and keep going ahead to achieve the buildup of a strong Chinese lighting brand on the world stage. 

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